What would you do if you were a timid and cautious little piglet who’s fearless and daring brother asked you to leave your comfort zone and accompany him on a day of adventure?  Why you would join him of The free range adventure of two little pigscourse!  After all you may be the voice of reason that prevents you and your spunky sibling from potential peril on this impromptu journey.

Join Gideon and Asher as their search for freedom leads them to excitement, danger, and ultimately the safety and security of a home and loving family.

Based on the real-life antics of two mini pigs living happily on a farm in South Central Pennsylvania.


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About the Author:

Dianne Shoenfelt is a self-taught artist and writer living on a small farm in Pennsylvania.  She is constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and the antics of the animals and wildlife on her farm.  They continue to influence her artistic vision in both her writing and artwork. Dianne Shoenfelt author artist illustrator

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